Charlotte Dawson is 'Chuffin' Glowing in Baby Boy Gender Reveal Hat

It's been a whole week today since Charlotte Dawson and new fiancé Matt Sarsfied found out they were having a little baby boy at their amazing gender reveal party!

Charlotte, who got engaged the night before the gender reveal, now not only has a sparkling diamanté hat to celebrate her baby boy; she also has a stunning rock on her finger to match too!

Charlotte's hat is from our new Mum To Be range, which features both a baby blue and baby pink style. Our Mum To Be Hats can be customised with your choice of text.

Charlotte's Baby Boy Hat
Pink for a Baby Girl

In gorgeous shades of pastel baby blue and pink, these hats are perfect for both baby showers and gender reveal parties. Instead of a gender reveal balloon pop, why not do a hat unboxing? Or walk in to your party with a hat on and give all your guests a surprise!

Charlotte's hat was complete with a white glitter top and a selection of our cute baby add ons.

We think you'll agree, Charlotte looked absolutely stunning in her hat and we wish both Charlotte and Matt a HUGE congratulations! Exciting times ahead!

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